Ask about needs rather than features

SB600RI took a look at a Decider deployed for Megaphones and offered some feedback and writing tips that are worth sharing. The ideas here apply more broadly.

First, I would assume that most customers who enter the site looking to purchase a megaphone won’t know where to begin, which is why a good Decider could really come in handy! The customer may not know which “Type” of megaphone they need for their situation. Asking “Select Type of Megaphone” may leave the customer scratching their heads, not knowing the answer.

I suggest changing the first question, “Select Type of Megaphone” to something like “Where will you use your megaphone?” (with answer buttons like “In an Auditorium”, “Outdoors at a Sporting Event”, “In a Boat” and so forth. Of course, someone who sells megaphones often would know what answers would be best. This question and the answers for it will be based on the unique features of the megaphones.

Then, the next question should continue to narrow down what the customer will be using their megaphone for, “What do you need your megaphone to help you with?” (with answers like “Crowd Control” or “Directing Traffic”). OR you could ask something like, “How many hours will you need to use your megaphone? (with answers like “A Few Hours” or “All Day Long”). Again, a sales person would know best what the features of each megaphone are and how these lead to good questions/answers.

To summarize, it is best to lead the customer to the right product by asking questions that they know the answers to and avoid asking questions that rely on them already knowing the features and attributes of the megaphones.

If you are interested in seeing how it turned out you can see the Megaphone Decision Wizard on the Amplivox Sound Systems website.

For more writing tips, please see these Decider Writing Tips on our website.

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